1. EXPERT DIPLOMA IN EASTERN LANGUAGES, CULTURES AND TRADE RELATIONS The Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations is offered by the Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción (ISTRAD).

2. OBJECTIVES AND COURSE LOAD The main objective of the Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations is to offer university graduates training which allows them to specialize in the linguistic and cultural realities unique to Eastern Asian countries; specifically China, Japan and Korea. The course also aims to provide the economic and legal knowledge necessary to do business and consolidate trade relations with these countries.

The Expert Diploma is fundamentally of a practical nature and consists of 45 ECTS credits with each credit equivalent to 25 teaching hours.

3. LANGUAGES USED The working language for the Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations will be Spanish.

In any case, knowledge of Asian languages will not be required to complete the master's degree. Knowledge of at least two (2) of the following three (3) languages will be sufficient: Spanish, English and French.

4. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS To complete the Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations students must have a computer (with the Windows operating system, since that is the system compatible with the software that will be used throughout the master’s), a pair of headphones and a microphone (the built-in microphone will do in the case of a laptop) as well as a secure and stable Internet connection.

5. DURATION AND MODALITY Studies will take place during the 2022-2023 academic year with classes beginning in October, 2022, and ending in June, 2023.

The Expert Diploma is an online learning programm; this modality will consist of the administration for the Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations sending materials specifically created by the faculty including the content for each subject.

6. DEDICATION FOR THE EXPERT DIPLOMA Studies will take place during a single academic year, 2022-2023.

7. ORGANIZATION The Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations is organized by the following members:

Coordinación Académica:
Dña. Alba Fernández Lombardía (Istrad)

Academic Committee (in alphabetical order):
Dña. Marta Chapado Sánchez (Istrad)
D. Carlos de la Torre Oliva (Istrad)
Dña. Inés Franco Fernández (Istrad)
Dña. Rocío Márquez Garrido (Istrad)
Dra. Cristina Ramírez Delgado (Istrad)

8. DEADLINES FOR REGISTRATION AND ENROLLMENT PROCESS There will be three registration periods:

1st registration period: April 15 to May 10, 2022
2nd registration period: June 15 to July 10, 2022
3rd registration period: September 15 to October 10, 2022

Those interested in the course can send in their registration form during any one of the registration periods. Registration can be done online via the registration form available at www.mastraduoriental.com, or in person at the ISTRAD offices (Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 2 pm and from 4 pm to 6 pm and Friday from 9 am and 1 pm). Once the registration period is over, the students selected for the course will be notified of their admission via email and the necessary documentation for enrollment will be sent via email.

9. ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS In order to complete the enrollment process for the Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations it is necessary to:

Complete the pre-registration process within the period established and be accepted into the course, in accordance with the previous section.
Hold a university degree. Students with equivalent university degrees from foreign universities are at no disadvantage when applying for this Expert Diploma.

10. ASSIGNING ADVISORS Once students have been accepted and have enrolled in the program, they will be assigned an academic advisor who they may turn to for any query or problem relating to their studies. Advisors can be contacted with any questions regarding their professional work including activities outside of the master's degree.

11. COURSE START DATE Classes for both onsite and online learning will begin on October 4, 2022 and continue for the duration of the academic year.

12. COURSE STRUCTURE The Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations will have the following course structure:

M01 Cultural Reality
M02 Linguistic Panorama
M03 Translation
M04 Globalization and Business Strategy
M05 Business Internationalization I
M06 Business Internationalization II
M07 Practical Module

13. FINAL PHASE The final phase, with a total load equivalent to 10 ECTS, will consist of the development of a practical project among those proposed by the coordination. Each practical project has the objective of deepening one of the themes dealt with in the Expert by putting into practice the knowledge acquired. The development of this final phase will necessarily be at a distance.


15. ADDITIONAL TRAINING COURSES During their studies, registered students will have the opportunity to participate in one of the online courses that make up ISTRAD's academic program, being able to choose the one that most interests them.

This additional course is completely voluntary and optional and will be completed online within a year from gaining access to the first lesson. Students enrolled in the expert’s program will pay a reduced rate, 18% of the total cost of the course, for platform maintenance.

Cost of the course: 400 euros
Cost of the course for ISTRAD students: 75 euros
Reduction not applicable to the Mandarin Chinese Introductory Course: intuitive and progressive approach.

If, once the scheduled deadline is reached, the student needs an extended period of time to complete the course, he or she may request an extension of six additional months provided that the student supplies justification and receives assessment from the Academic Committee.


17. AWARDING OF DEGREE Following the conclusion of studies, the Academic Committee of the Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations will personally award the following documents:

"Expert Diploma in Eastern Asian Languages, Cultures and Trade Relations" certificate issued by the Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción with detailed information on the reverse side regarding the various modules studied.
Detailed transcript of records of the student's performance in each of the modules studied (both certificates and modules) with a description of the competences and skills acquired.

The protocol to issue this final documentation will begin once the final corrected assignment is received. Within 15 days, students will be contacted by ISTRAD administration to begin the process.

18. REGISTRATION FEES AND METHODS OF PAYMENT The total cost of the Expert Diploma is €930. This price can be paid all at once or in three installments distributed as follows:

Enrollment 310.00 euros
February 2023 310.00 euros
May 2023 310.00 euros

19. EXTENDING STUDIES Those students who for work, professional or personal reasons require more than the planned two years to finish their studies may request an extension period. The fee for this extension period will correspond to one additional payment installment per additional semester that you require. In September 2023, we will contact all students that may need this year-long extension in order for them to complete the application by the end of September 2023.

21. REFUND POLICY If a banking or administrative error occurs when making a payment, either the initial payment or any of the following installments, students may request a refund at any time within the ten days following making the payment. The payment will then be refunded without the need for any additional paperwork.

21.SIMULTANEITY OF STUDIES After the course begins, students will receive an email with information about the credit transfer and simultaneity options available for the studies offered by ISTRAD. If you are interested in receiving credit for previous studies completed at ISTRAD, you can consult this information